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Marcus Olsson is a highly respected figure in the field of marksmanship and precision rifle shooting. He currently serves as the chairman of the International Precision Rifle Federation (IPRF), a global organization dedicated to promoting the sport of precision rifle shooting.

Aside from his work with the IPRF, Olsson is also the founder of Viking Accuracy, a company that provides marksmanship training and equipment. Viking Accuracy has gained a reputation for its innovative training methods that have helped shooters of all skill levels improve their accuracy and precision.

Marcus Olsson often partners with Louis-Philippe Rembry for the training offered by Viking Accuracy. Rembry is a highly accomplished shooter, and instructor with military background. This combined with being the Precision Rifle World Champion in Mil/Leo division 2022 bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Viking Accuracy's marksmanship training programs, providing clients with top-tier instruction.

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